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Boston, MA 02109
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    ELO Digital Office USA provides innovative digital content management solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the United States. Our suite of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions -- ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise -- give businesses an electronic and secure way to easily capture, archive, and manage business documents and information ? both paper-based and digital. Enabling you to comply with government regulations and the latest data protection guidelines (e.g., GDPR), ELO delivers solutions that specifically address:

    ? e-mail archiving and management
    ? audit
    ? e-records
    ? document management and retention
    ? e-discovery
    ? data security and privacy
    ? data analytics

    ELO solutions, which allow you to work anywhere on any device, seamlessly integrate with third-party applications (e.g., CRM, ERP, etc.) and devices (scanners, printers, etc.) for effortless and secure information sharing. A subsidiary of ELO Digital Office GmbH (founded in 1996), ELO USA is headquartered in Boston, MA and is part of a network of global ELO offices throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

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